Whats been up? Plus Life Update. New Reviews Coming!

New reviews are coming! I Just touching base and wanting everyone to know that we are still alive over here and to let you know what is being worked on as far as new reviews go. I do apologize for the hiatus, there has been quite a bit going on for me in life that has been holding me up and I will be returning to cranking out good, informative content and reviews very soon!

What am I working on for reviews?

Currently I am working on the following products for review.
Grenade Antiperspirant by American Deoderant Co. ( Still on the to be shipped waiting list )
Sphereo 2.0 – An app controlled robot ball for all ages!
Weathertech Digitaltech all weather floor liners
Vornado 293 Heavy Duty Air Circulator

Beyond that, there are a few other minor things that I have up for considerations for reviews. I may end up doing minor posts for them.

What has been happening in my life?

In the past few months I have been celebrating holidays and birthdays (There are a lot of birthdays in my family around and after Christmas) with friends and family. Holiday time is a big thing in my family and we often offset our holiday schedules so we can celebrate them together. As well I have to do celebrations twice since I celebrate with my Girlfriend’s family as well.

I have been having to turn more focus to my 9am-5pm job than usual since we are making a lot of changes in the past few months. Some changes require my knowledge of web design, product photography, image editing and some other things I use even here at Gear-Geek.com. In the long run, it is an eye opener and a learning experience that will be very useful for me there and even more so here.

I purchased a “new” car! Late this past Autumn, I bit the bullet and picked up a car loan. I ended up purchasing a 2012 Scion IQ (Picture will be below). I needed a new set of wheels for my daily commutes since my old car (2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT) was really starting to show its age. Yes I downgraded my horsepower for a more mechanically reliable car. Don’t worry. The IQ is still a fun drive when I want it to be 😉

My Scion IQ - Gear-Geek Reviews

I ended up having issues with the paint on the car… Not long after I purchased the car the factory paint started to peel off the car in a few places and it is still continuing. I was in a long and annoying process with a “local” Scion Dealer to see if they are going to cover the issue as a factory defect. Even though the paint was factory, they do not cover issues like this in their normal warranty and I have not been able to make headway with them since then. It seems my car only has temporary paint and I should figure out what I have to do since Scion/Toyota are not willing to help me out. Does not help much either since recently Toyota defunct the Scion line.

Other than on and off sickness over the past few months. My living arrangements have changed, my long time roommate moved out and now I have the place all to myself. I am currently in progress of converting his old living space into a new home office so I can have my center of operations for Gear-Geek and my gaming center all in the same place as well so I can get my current home office out of my bedroom!

I will be coming back. As I said before I have a lot of ideas for reviews that I want to do and I will be getting back to it very soon! If you have any input on products that you would like to see reviewed, please do not hesitate to let me know! I have happy to take user feedback into consideration when I am looking for new products to review.

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