The quest for a new iPhone case!

The ultimate journey to find a new case is a dusty path that many have traveled before me. Dangers and mystery lay in wait as I sift through the masses of cases on the market. Who will I pick!?

Case Quest

Since I recently ordered an upgrade phone. I have been looking for a suitable case for my active lifestyle! Okay, somewhat active. My previous phone was an iPhone 5s. Which after a lot of research and a very good referral from a good friend of mine, I ultimately settled on the Taktik Extreme by Lunatik. A very well suited tank for my beloved iPhone. Although it came with a very hefty price tag. (I was going to review this case but I just did not have the chance as well the case is a bit old now and I am not sure if it is relevant anymore. Sorry guys.)

A few days ago, I finally broke down and ordered a upgrade phone through Verizon. I continued along with the iPhone. This time I am going with the 6s Plus. All that being said, I need to find a case that will live up to my expectations and needs. The Taktik Extreme leaves some shoes that will be very tough to fill. Naturally my first stop was over to Lunatik to see what they offer for my new phone. I took a look at the Taktik 360 which is a great looking phone case. After watching, reading and doing a bit of digging on the Taktik 360, I found some flaws with it that I simply cannot live with.

Upon my disappointment, I moved on to check out some of the more rugged cases that are offered for the 6s Plus. I poked around a few mobile and tech review blogs to see what everyone else had to say about some of the cases out on the market. Two names kept popping up, Spigen and Supcase. I used a Spigen tough armor case for my 5s for a while before I found the Taktik Extreme I was quite happy with that case. Building off that and that I know what to expect from their tough armor line, I ended up picking up their Tough Armor Tech 6s plus case. Along with that I picked up a set of GLAStR Screen Protectors to pair with my new Spigen Case.

Since I am an indecisive bastard, I ended up snagging the Supcase BeetlePro as well. Just because I love the idea of built in screen protectors. The Taktik Extreme spoiled me with a built in gorilla glass screen protector. The BettlePro comes with a Belt Clip as well. I more than likely will never use the Belt Clip.

Both cases received very good reviews and I generally am a reviews addict and tend to read a lot of reviews from customers as well as doing research outside of that. I feel that I may have a winner in one of these cases.

Only time will tell!


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