The Ridge Wallet is probably my favorite piece of new gear that I now include in my EDC.  Traditional bi-fold and tri-fold wallets have always allowed me to accumulate excess receipts, business cards and many other things I do not necessarily need to carry with on an every day basis or even need to carry at all. These back pocket wallets are not just a figurative pain in the ass but a literal one as well. Having a wallet filled with excess bulk in your back pocket creates an uneven sitting surface which can be havoc on your spine. Front pocket wallets are the way to go.

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I happened across the RIDGE Wallet one night when I was browsing Facebook. It was a suggested product page on my feed. That being said, normally I pay no mind to them but this time it was something that really interested me.

That very same night I did some research and finally pulled the trigger on it. I picked up the gunmetal RIDGE Wallet with money clip from their website. It weighed in at $72.00 for the wallet itself and I bought an extra elastic ($7.00) for it.

What made me decide to buy this particular wallet? Well it was two things. It is functional and to be completely honest, it is not that bad to look at either. I like to have a good balance of form and function in nearly everything that I buy. On top of all that, my old wallet was starting to look pretty worn out as well.

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How about we get down the the meat and bones of this wallet?

The RIDGE Wallet is a refreshing change from the standard money clips and card holders that you currently see on the market. It is a lightweight and simplistic design but it performs the tasks of holding your money and important cards very well. The card holder portion (Depending on which model you purchased) is comprised of two exterior aluminum plates (They also come in polycarbonate, Titanium and Carbon Fiber) secured by T5 Torx screws to the RFID blocking plates. All of this is held together by a strong 3 sided elastic band. The band allows you to carry as little as 1 card or up to 15 cards in it. At this point in time I have 9 cards currently in it. Inserting cards is buttery smooth and taking them out is just as much of a breeze. There is a half circle cut out in the plates to make card removal easier.

The RIDGE offers two options to choose from as far as how you want to carry paper currency on it. You can choose from either an elastic band a similar band that is used to hold the card holder together or a money clip. I personally opted for the money clip. The money clip is made from strong Spring Steel to keep your money secure. Right now I have $69.00 in the money clip.

Going for the money clip vs the elastic band will add some loft to it but it all boils down to how you want to secure your bills. I do not often carry paper money with me. I particularly rely heavily on my debit cards. I did want to have the money clip though since I feel better about a strong clip securing my money vs an elastic band.

The biggest struggle I faced when switching from my bi-fold leather wallet to The RIDGE Wallet was deciding what I needed to and what I did not need on a daily basis. It gave me time to reflect on what I REALLY needed. Since my leather wallet seemed to collect receipts, business cards and other things I generally do not need. I ended up breaking it down to my debit cards, a couple of rewards cards, my drivers license, credit card, insurance card and my AAA card. Yes it was a bit of a struggle to decide but at the same time it was refreshing.

Specs pulled directly from their website:

• Dimensions: 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 0.55 cm
• Capacity: 1-15 cards
• RFID Blocking internal aluminum plates (Blocks Wireless Identity Theft)
• Replaceable Elastic and Screws

Product Options
• Materials: 6061 Anodized Aluminum (Silver, Black and Gunmetal), Carbon Fiber, Titanium (Gunmetal), Polycarbonate (White, Blue and Green)
• Design: Money clip (Spring Steel Construction) or elastic cash strap

Ridge Wallet Side RIDGE Wallet Back Ridge Wallet Clip

Final Notes

After using this wallet for some time I can gladly say that even though the price tag was a bit high, I am very happy with the purchase. I have not had any mishaps with it just yet. No issues other than normal wear and tear.

I have been in contact with their customer support to pick their brain about their product a bit.  So far they have been extremely helpful and eager to answer my questions.  I have not had any issues with the wallet yet to see how their RMA process is.  I have as well not needed to put their warranty to the test as of yet.

If you are new to money clips, front pocket wallets and card holders or even someone who uses them regularly. I can strongly recommend this. It does look a bit different than what you normally see on the market but to me it has more character than most. Along with the looks and the designed features it performs very well and is an all around solid product.

Update 1/28/2017

The Ridge has been busy to solve a minor issue that I did not address the first time in this review, which was the money clip. Initially they used a spring assisted money clip which did not quite fit the overall design of the wallet and was a bit too bulky. The Ridge Wallet’s updated money clip is a metal clip crafted from spring steel. This improved clip is far slimmer and does not take away from the visual appeal of the Ridge Wallet itself. It blends right in and looks right at home with the rest of the design.

You can expect the ability to carry the same amount of bills with the Ridge Wallet. To this point I have had up to five double folded bills in mine with no change to the tension of the clip and I can expect that it will be able to hold even more than that.

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