One of the first things I really wanted when I bought my first motorcycle was to have the ability to use my phone as a GPS on some of my longer rides. Since I am the kind of guy that tries to intentionally get lost, being able to have a GPS on my bike would help me get home. I first heard of the Ram Mount X Grip in one of Motonosity’s Motovlogs in the later part of 2013.  He gave it a good endorsement and I thought to myself “If this guy likes his so much, I am sure I will as well!”.

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Warning: I do not advise the use of the Ram Mount X Grip to watch videos/movies, check notifications, voice mails, Emails, text messages ETC on your phone while riding/driving. Doing so greatly reduces your awareness and can create a hazard for you or others around you.

I purchased the Ram Mount X Grip ($20.25) back in June 2014 for the sole purpose of having my phone available at the top of my motorcycle’s triple tree. To do this I as well purchased a Ram Mount Motorcycle Fork Stem Base (1-Inch Ball) ($14.95) and a Ram Mount Double Socket Arm ($12.56). To make this work exactly the way that I wanted with my 2002 Suzuki SV650s I as well needed a new Yoke Nut with a wider opening. Which I picked up an Evotech yoke nut from MotoMummy ($29.99).  A breaker bar, some swearing and a torque wrench later, I was ready to install.

Installing the Fork stem base was much easier than I expected. It only required some marking and cutting of the rubber anchor before the actually install itself. After that, the rest was a cake walk. From installing the yoke nut to installing the Ram Mount base, arm and the Ram Mount X Grip parts took me about a half an hour to finish.

Ram mount X Grip Side Empty Ram mount X Grip Expand

First thoughts

I was happy to find out that the Ram Mount X Grip was able to hold my IPhone 5s with the Lunatik Taktik Extreme Case with room to spare. Which is great when I finally get around to upgrading to the IPhone 6. This is also good news for owners of some of the larger Android phones as well. The Four point grips bundled with the internal spring grip very well and gives me the comfort in knowing that my phone is not going to slip or fall out of the mount which can be a death sentence for just about any phone when riding.

In the current configuration and the seating position of my bike I do have to look down at it, which can present a bit of a distraction. Being the fairly cautious rider that I am is why I tend to only have my phone mounted if I am using the GPS or If I do not feel comfortable with keeping it in a pocket (Since not all pockets are deep or secure). If I am riding while not using the GPS on my phone and I have it mounted I normally flip the phone face down so any notifications, calls or text messages wont pull my attention. Since I do not have a bluetooth intercom in my helmet, I normally cannot hear the GPS so I rely on looking down at it every now and again if I know a turn off is coming up soon. Which is not ideal and I still end up missing my road sometimes. But it does add some more of that needed ride time.

Ram mount X Grip Front View Ram mount X Grip Side View

Wear and Tear

During Spring, Summer and the better part of fall I do keep my bike outside in the elements (I do have storage for it in the winter). During the past year I have not seen any portions of the Ram Mount X Grip or the other attachments for my RAM Mount X Grip that have started to rust. Which is awesome for me.  Upon further inspection of the installed parts I noticed that the mounting balls are fading and starting to crack (shown in the picture below). On the Ram Mount X Grip itself, the only wear I saw was the rubber grips started to fade slightly.  All this wear could be normal wear from it being out in the weather the majority of the year.  I have the bike out of storage as soon as the weather breaks in the spring and I do not put it into storage until just before the first snow of the year.  During the riding season it will sit parked in the sun from time to time and will be exposed to rain sometimes as well.

Ram mount X Grip Cracks


Features pulled directly from their website:

• Rustproof
• High strength composite and stainless steel construction
• Spring loaded holder expands and contracts for perfect fit of your device
• Rubber coated tips will hold device firm and stable
• Versatility of holder allows for attachment to many RAM ball mounts
• Lifetime warranty
• Made in U.S.A.

Final Thoughts
Depending on the bike and how you have it set up on your bike, there is the potential that the Ram Mount X Grip with your phone attached can reduce your visibility of your gauges. It took me a few moments of my time and some fine tuning to have mine set up to where I barely have to look down to see it and it does not interfere with my view of my gauges at all.

Not only can the Ram Mount X Grip be used on a motorcycle it can be adapted for bicycles cars or just about anything you can think of that you would want to mount it to. RAM Mounts offers just about anything you would ever need in that aspect.

Whether your bike is a commuter or an adventure-getter I highly recommend the Ram Mount X Grip versus buying an expensive motorcycle GPS system.  I was not sold on buying a GPS just for my motorcycle. I spent $78.14 on the entire project so I can use my phone as a GPS which I thought was a much better option.  Since it looks like all smart phones these days do have GPS built into them, it was the only choice for me.

  • Ease of Install
  • Price
  • Functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Durability