At the time that I am drafting this page, Gear-Geek is still in development.  I wanted to take the time to answer questions I see popping up in the future.  As well I wanted to give everyone the chance to know what sort of tools and resources I used to develop Gear-Geek.

“What content management software did you use?  Where are you hosted?  What do you use to create and edit your images?”

A few questions I have had over the years from friends, family and partners in previous projects.

Because I know I will see more of these questions in the future, I decided to create a resource page.

Below you will find all the tools that I used during the development process.  Even some time wasters that helped me keep my sanity!

The Basic Essentials

Standard Hosting – This is absolutely the most important, must have thing if you want to a powerful website and to reach your audience.  I have been using NameCheap to great success for the past few years. Very helpful customer service reps along with a very nice back end control panel chock full of useful CMS, Forum, Blog and E-Commerce software.

WordPress – My CMS of choice for Gear-Geek.  WordPress has come a long way since its early days.  It has become a powerhouse of endless possibilities and a widely used system to boot.  Free, powerful as well as an amazing community?  No wonder it is a first choice for bloggers and entrepreneurs alike.

WordPress Theme – I have done a lot of digging, comparing and ripped out a lot of hair looking for the perfect platform to build Gear-Geek on top of.  Fortunately, I found MyThemeShop.  There I found many potential themes from their wide selection of free and premium themes before I finally found the one.  Before I forget.  On top of having many many themes to choose from, they also have a lot of great plugins as well!

Image editing software – Naturally, my choice is Adobe Photoshop.  I have been working with Photoshop since my late teens and it has grown on me.  I am an avid user of Photoshop CS2. Why CS2 you ask?  Well some people say that I am a slave to the old ways but obviously I would disagree.  I have been using CS2 since it went free to download on Adobe’s official website as showcased by RedmondPie back in May 2015.  At the time that I am writing this, Photoshop CS2 and the entire Creative Suite 2 is currently free and legal to download.  Of course there are other options that will fit the bill.  GIMP for instance is increasingly popular in the opensource community.  It really is all a matter of personal taste.


Todoist – If you’re like me and get sidetracked easily, a good to-do list is a must.  Todoist is my go to in this department.  Full of features such as re-occouring daily tasks, sub projects, project sharing, sub tasks, a mobile app for IOS or Android, extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and productivity tracking.  Todoist is very rewarding to use with its karma feature.  The more productive you are, the more karma you build.  If you slack off?  Well, you will start losing karma.  I simply love this.  When I finish tasks and can see my karma go up, it reminds me of leveling up in a video game.  It is very rewarding.

Spotify – Lets admit it, people love music.  I would be a liar if I said that I am productive just watching a my screen in my office with no sounds other than my computers droning sounds.  Music helps get the creative juices flowing.  Its a good thing I use noise canceling headphones or else i would be aware of what a horrible singer that I really am.

Box – My absolute favorite file storage solution.  Since everything is stored on the cloud, I can access work files from my home office workstation, my laptop and even from my phone.  As long as I have an internet connection, I can get right to work.


Skype – Over the past couple years I have broken away from using some of the old school Instant Messenger software and turned my favor over to Skype.  In which Skype seems to be a lot of peoples choice currently and for good reason.

Disclaimer: This is a general resource page. The products, services and ideas in this post are just what we use to setup/maintain Gear-Geek. Not everything listed may work for you as it worked for us.