M-550 Pro Survival Grenade

M-550 Pro Survival Grenade
I am a bit of a paracord nut. I have made quite a few great things for my EDC Backpack, Keychain and other misc things over the years.  I happened to see the M-550 Pro Survival Grenade out of the corner of my eye on facebook and found it very interesting.  This is actually the first time I have seen something like this even though Surf City Paracord has been selling them for some time. I figured that since it struck my interest in a great way it was worth a write up!
M-550 Pro Survival Grenade

The M-550 Pro Survival Grenade is an interesting take on paracord stuff making ingenuity and a refreshing revisit to EDC survival kits.  This is not your daddies EDC survival tin.  In fact it is something far more intriguing and special.  At first glance, all I saw at first was a standard monkey fist with some well placed cobra stitch to cobble together an aesthetic grenade looking thing that can be taken apart to use the cord in an emergency.  I was very delighted to see that it was far more than that. Inside of the monkey fist there is a water tight case that houses a very complete EDC survival kit.  Lets get a break down of the contents of this guy shall we?

The Survival Grenade itself is made with up to 50 feet of 550 paracord 35′ Camo and 15′ Charcoal Grey.  This cordage can be used to make all sorts of things in a survival situation. Shelter, tools, traps, weapons and more.  The inner cords of each strand can be used to make fishing line, floss, fine lashings and even more than that.  Next to duct tape, 550 paracord is probably one of the most versatile tools that is most often taken for granted.  Behind all of this paracord there is a water tight case which houses the following items.

M-550 Pro Survival Grenade Contents

Each Survival Grenade will contain the following items:
• Orange 550 Paracord 2′
• Jute Twine 4′
• Fishing Line 30′
• 4 Fishing Hooks
• Wire Saw
• Storm proof matches
• Water proof matches with striker
• Whistle Buckle
• 4 Split shot weights
• Butterfly sutures
• 2 Split rings
• Needle and Thread
• Button compass
• Aluminum foil sheet
• 2 Bobby pins
• LED Flashlight
• Mini folding knife
• 4 Water purification tablets
• Military grade trip wire 8′
• Pure napkin Tablet
• Razor blade
• 2 Safety pins
• Universal handcuff key
• Ferrocerium fire starting toggle
•  Dog tag signal mirror
• Flint Striker

As you can see this thing is packed full of potentially useful and life saving items you may need if you ever find yourself in a situation needing it. By far this is not the ultimate mini survival kit but this is essentially the bare minimum. A survival kit like this should not replace a more comprehensive one you may carry in your hiking day pack. This is more of something that you would want to carry on your person just in case you are separated from your gear.

Some people may wonder what the heck they are going to do with bobby pins, a napkin or a length of jute twine. This in particular will be up to your resourcefulness if and when you need them. Everything can be a multipurpose item. It just takes some thought on what something can be used for other than its intended purpose.

Another point to note is that once you take this survival grenade apart, there is no easy way to wrap the paracord back into the grenade shape. That is unless you have time and a good deal of paracord at your disposal. Not to mention some free time trying to figure it all out. Though if you do have to take it apart, I would think that trying to put it all back together would be the furthest thing from your mind.

Up to this point I have not handled this survival grenade but I would absolutely love to get my hands on one to add somehow incorporate it into my EDC. With a price tag of $69.99 on Etsy it is a bit expensive for what it is. That being said, I would gladly pay that price just to have such an interesting survival kit with my EDC. Maybe some time soon I will have to snag one to get a much closer look at it!

If you are interested in picking up a Survival Grenade, head on over to SurfCityParacord’s Etsy store. They have a lot more cool paracord stuff as well!

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