KickStarted: Dead Matter and Jelly Smart phone

I have been scouring Kickstarter and Indiegogo this week, looking for some great projects that catch my interest. The going has been a little slow. I have found two projects that really caught my interest this week. Dead Matter a Zombie Survival Game and Jelly, probably the smallest 4G Smart Phone.

Dead Matter

If you are like me and love a great sandbox, zombie survival game, Dead Matter may be right up your alley. Featuring a procedural 400x400KM map and a wide support for the modding community. Giving the power to the player on how they wish to proceed through the game. Dead Matter features Quantum Integrity’s metagame AI system that supports true variety in gameplay. The simplest tasks such as going nomad across the map, finding supplies or just taking a cruise could lead you into settlements of soldiers, bands of raiders or even families searching for new homes. Every building that you come across can be barricaded, upgraded, fitted with running water and electricity. You can set up your farm or fish nearby streams and lakes. Dead Matter received over $285,000 CA from over 5,400 backers. The closed alpha access date is still to be determined but I have high hopes that this may be the next survival game that will draw me in!

Why do I Love it?

I am a big nut for survival games. They always scratch a certain itch that I always seem to have. Dead Matter looks like a game that I could really sink my teeth into. Being able to play nomad with my buddies, looting cities and just surviving. Dead matter brings a few new systems to the table that you really do not see in other games in this genre. The idea of being able to hunt, fish, have electricity and running water in your outpost is great and I cant wait to see it in action!

If you wish to find out more, check out their kickstarter page!


Jelly, the smallest 4G Smart phone

At one point or another, I have thought to myself “Why do I need such a big phone?” Well, every now and again, I do pine for the days of smaller phones and even being less connected to the world. That is a story for another time. The Jelly Smart phone is a project started on Indiegogo and it received $1,600,000 in funding. This is 4171% of their initial goal. This small android smartphone is designed to be an alternative to your usual premium smart phone. If you do not wish to risk breaking or losing your high dollar smart phone, the Jelly Smart phone is a great alternative. It is small enough to fit in the coin pocket of your jeans without skimping on the important functionality. The Jelly Smart phone supports android Nougat, comes in 3 different color options as well you have the option of Jelly standard or Jelly pro packages.

Why do I Love it?

Even though I have a large smart phone, I still would like to carry something that will not take up my entire side pocket. I as well have had times where the shear size of my phone has become a problem such as being able to stow it when I go cycling. There have also been times that carrying an expensive smart phone was something that I really did not want to do. Risking breaking my premium phone is not something that I really want to deal with.

Some Specs
1.1GHz Quad Core processor
950mAh battery (up to 3 days working time,  7 days in standby)
2GB RAM, 16GB ROM (Pro)
Android 7.0 Nougat
2.45″ TFT LCD screen
Dual Cameras 2MP (Front) 8MP Rear
Dual Nano SIM Card Slots

If you would like some more information on this tiny beast check it out on IndieGoGo!

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