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Hey everyone. I just wanted to take some time to announce our official partnership with Huckberry. You may notice around the site that we placed a banner or two so that we can showcase Huckberry and their products.


This post does contain external links and does contain Affiliate links. To find out more about affiliate links please read our Affiliate Disclosure.

Our Decision

We made the decision to partner with Huckberry based on reader statistics across We saw that a lot of our readers enjoy a focus of minimalist wallets and EDC products. Not failing to mention that we really love their website. Easy to browse, they have a ton of items there with reasonable prices. Having communicated with some of their staff over the course of the past couple weeks, they are extremely polite and knowledgeable. I personally, have always found something new every single time I browsed their website.

Huckberry’s online store hosts a wide spectrum of product categories. EDC Items, Camping, Apparel and a selection of household items are among a few categories in their catalog. So far, I have found all kinds of unique products that I would love to get my mits on very soon.

Why Huckberry?

I personally do not take endorsing companies and products lightly. I have to be a firm believer in a product or service to want to fully endorse it. Huckberry has pretty much everything I require as far as an online store goes. Of course they do not sell groceries or items of that nature. What they do sell are unique products and a unique shopping experience with an easy to navigate and attractive website as well as a responsive, polite and helpful staff. I really wish more startup online stores that I have seen pop up recently would take a page out of Huckberry’s book of awesome.

The Benefit

Why all the banners and links? First of all I will say that I hate being spammed and annoyed by ads everywhere and people trying to force things down my throat just to make a buck. That being said I can never spam ads, links and so on just to make a dollar. I intend our partnership to be mutually beneficial and tastefully done. The banner and some links to their website not only helps them but it also helps If you click their banner or a link to their website and buy something, a very small percentage is paid to Those little percentages help our website in a very large way. To name a few things it helps keep the website alive, benefits product acquisition for future reviews and placements. They also keep coffee in our cups and helps us pay that greedy bridge ogre.

Further Reading

If you would like to see more about Huckberry you can click here to visit their website. If you would like to know more about our partnerships/affiliates you can check out our affiliate disclosure here.

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