Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

Dragon Ball Z conjures up very fond memories of my youth.  Coming home after school, turn my TV on to Toonami just to catch the next episode. Even now Dragon Ball Z does still hit me hard with nostalgia and is still by far one of my favorite anime to date.  After all the spin-offs and the horrible live action movie, It is about time that someone took the correct steps to finally making a live action adaptation that does the series justice.

Dragon Ball Z LOH

I know I know, I am very late to the game as far at this goes but I feel it is still extremely relevant even months after the first episode debuted in February.  Robot Underdog undertook the task of impressively adapting a small portion of the Android Saga within the first episode. To be a bit more specific they are capturing a bit of the story before future Trunks goes back in time to try and stop Android 17 and 18 from massacring nearly everyone on earth.

Episode 1 takes place roughly 13 years after the death of Goku. This episode tells a brief story of a young Trunks and his mentor Gohan fighting to stave off the androids from annihilating the rest of mankind. There is a bit of fan service done, with a little story of Trunks and Gohan speaking of Vegeta. (I do not want to give too much away just in case nobody has seen the video yet. It will be down at the end of this article.)

Dragon Ball Z LOH

Robot Underdog did an amazing job with what limited time and resources they had to produce this 13 minute and 14 second video. This video took them nearly 2 years of production to get it where it is now. Even though it is a very short video it is a very impressive one and I for one cannot wait until the next two episodes are released.

As I mentioned before in a round about way, Robot Underdog did the best they could with the time and funding that they had. They had minimal time at each location to do takes and at times only was able to do a single take before moving on. Production and post-production value did not suffer because of this. The acting, choreography, special effects and story telling are just superb.  Since the debut of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, they put up a page on Indiegogo to help crowdfund for the next two episodes. They reached and exceeded their goal of $50,000 and pre-production began on the last two episodes in July. At this time there is no firm release date on the next two episodes in the web series. They promise that they are going to blow us away again with those episodes and a lot of fans that have seen the first episode have very high hopes.

Dragon Ball Z LOH

I really wish to see them adapt some of the more important points in each saga but I will take what I can get. Maybe this is the kind of push that is needed to light a fire under the collective asses of Hollywood to do a proper Dragon Ball Z movie adaptation. Though there is a lot of source material to cover in a single movie. We can only hope.

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