Cauden Money Clip – First Thoughts

The Cauden Money Clip is the the definition of minimalism without sacrificing a stylish yet functional design. If a hefty bi-fold, tri-fold or even the minimalist/front pocket wallet is not up your alley and you want something with even more simplicity, the Cauden Money Clip may be right for you.

This is not your average money clip

Cauden Money Clip The Cauden Money Clip is made with premium materials all the way around. The clip itself is made from real carbon fiber which itself is very durable. Cauden did not stop there. Adding Premium Italian Vegetable Leather to give the Cauden Money Clip a stylish finish. Available in 8 colors to suit your taste.

Near weightless designCauden Money Clip

Due to carbon fiber being super lightweight yet strong, the Cauden Money Clip weighs in only at Six Grams, which is slightly more than the weight of a quarter. This is just a fraction of the weight of most standard wallets and even the minimalist wallets on the market today! This design does not skimp on what you are able to carry though. You can carry up to nine cards at a time or forty bills (if they are folded in half).

The Cauden Money clip is a great option for your every day carry if you are not looking for anything without bells and whistles. If you are looking for something that just serves one purpose which, just carry your cards and money. This may be what you are looking for.

The Cauden Money Clip started its crowd sourcing campaign on IndieGoGo and will be attempting to achieve their goal of $12k in the next month. They are offering a $35 (with a $15 shipping charge worldwide) Early Bird to Last Bird perk on IndieGoGo. Cauden will be retailing their Money Clip for $67.  They estimate that they will have the reserved Cauden Money Clips shipped by July-August 2016. If you have not already taken a look, head on over to their IndieGoGo page and check out more!

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