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Our Top Beard Care Picks for 2019

Over the years the evolution of the fur I keep on my face has evolved, thus has the beard care products that I have used also has evolved. From Long Stubble, Chin beards, Full beards and even a modified Bandholz I have always had the need for

KickStarted: Dead Matter and Jelly Smart phone

I have been scouring Kickstarter and Indiegogo this week, looking for some great projects that catch my interest. The going has been a little slow. I have found two projects that really caught my interest this week. Dead Matter a Zombie Survival Game and Jelly, probably the

KickStarted: Djin, SparkMaker and Musvalk

Today we are going to be talking about some of the kickstarter campaigns that I have stumbled across that have sparked my interest. Djin, SparkMaker and Musvalk. Lets just dip right into it and explore these great upcoming projects!

Top 5 Minimalist Wallet Picks for 2017

Here is my top 5 list of minimalist wallet picks for 2017. This list has taken some time for me to ponder over and I feel I picked an A+ lineup. Lets get right down to it and take a quick peek at some of these brilliant

Fantom Wallet – Product Spotlight

Slim wallets can have a notorious problem with access. Even with a simplistic design there are still many that can make accessing your cards a very time consuming affair. Slim wallets that give you the ability to fan your cards make all the difference and can make

Omega Wallet in depth Review

The Omega Wallet since its original release has been an icon in the minimalist wallet industry. It has been in such high demand ever since its debut on Kickstarter and to this day is still highly sought after. Due to its popularity over the years the Omega Wallet has – Store Spotlight

Hey everyone. I just wanted to take some time to announce our official partnership with Huckberry. You may notice around the site that we placed a banner or two so that we can showcase Huckberry and their products.

The Chronos Wearable in depth Review

Chronos Wearable enters into a market where there is an extreme shortage of options for those who do not wish to give up their analog time pieces for a digital and (let’s be honest here) unsightly IOS or Android smart watch. Until this point, the leagues of

Cauden Money Clip – First Thoughts

The Cauden Money Clip is the the definition of minimalism without sacrificing a stylish yet functional design. If a hefty bi-fold, tri-fold or even the minimalist/front pocket wallet is not up your alley and you want something with even more simplicity, the Cauden Money Clip may be

The Aurora Wallet – First Thoughts

The Aurora Wallet by Sigma Six Engineering has been something I have been keeping my eye on for the past few weeks now. As some may already know when it comes to wallets, I always opt for something small and convenient Vs anything bulky. When I first
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Omega Wallet in depth Review
The Chronos Wearable in depth Review
Revision Hellfly Side View
Hellfly by Revision Military in depth Review
X Grip Front View
RAM Mount X Grip in depth Review
The Chronos Wearable in depth Review
Beard Care Products
Our Top Beard Care Picks for 2019
Top 5 Minimalist Wallet Picks for 2017
Fantom Wallet – Product Spotlight
Huckberry – Store Spotlight
Check out our top Beard Care product picks!Check them out here!
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