The Aurora Wallet – First Thoughts

The Aurora Wallet by Sigma Six Engineering has been something I have been keeping my eye on for the past few weeks now. As some may already know when it comes to wallets, I always opt for something small and convenient Vs anything bulky. When I first saw the prototype progress and the final render for the Aurora, I was sold.

Aurora Wallet First Thoughts

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Photos used are early prototype photos and are courtesy of Sigma Six Engineering.

Aurora Wallet PrototypeThe Aurora Wallet is a minimalist wallet designed to carry your essential cards and cash. Like any minimalist wallet The Aurora wallet, The Ridge or Omega, they are intended to reduce your daily carry of non-essential items from your wallet and move that wallet out of your back pocket where strain on your back can start. As with this type of wallet, they are also intended to be located in a front pocket which eliminates the stresses on your lower back and spine from sitting on a wallet all day. But with all this said, we are not here to talk about the benefits of front pocket/minimalist wallets. Lets dig into what I know about The Aurora.

RFID blocking and Capacity

Aurora Wallet PrototypeThe Aurora wallet being a minimalist wallet but that would be selling it just plain short. As with similar wallets, The Aurora wallet is an RFID blocking wallet which is equipped with the base frame as well as an RFID access card. If you need to access a card with an RFID chip you can simply push it out with the slot on the back, just enough so you can use it and simply push it back in again. This RFID access card is to be placed between your cards and The Aurora’s cash clip to protect your cards. If you so prefer you can put all of your RFID access cards on the outside, between the RFID protection card and the money clip so they are readily accessible at all times. The draw back here is that they will be unprotected. The Aurora will be able to carry as little as 1 card and cash or up to 6 cards plus cash. This seems to be the sweet spot in my normal carry.

Robust Construction

Aurora Wallet PrototypeConstructed with 6061-T6 Aluminum and machined 301 stainless steel (will also be available with a 6AI-4V grade 5 titanium frame) making The Aurora very light despite its full metal construction. The Aluminum frame will come with a MIL-A-8625 type III hard coat anodized finish while the Titanium frame will be a blasted finish. The steel parts (Screws, Spring clip and possibly the RFID access card) will come with a very tough and wear resistant PVD AITiN coating making The Aurora a very robust piece of gear that will stand up to the abuses of an every day carry. It will still have a very slim size. Coming in at 0.375″ x 2.385″ x 3.75″ that will allow for a easy and comfortable front pocket carry. This slim footprint is very important at least to me for a front pocket wallet. Since I myself started using them due to a smaller size to get rid of all the bulk.

Coming soon to Kickstarter

Aurora Wallet PrototypeI spoke with Pat around the 20th of March which at that time The Aurora was in the final prototype stages. Which could be why it has yet to hit Kickstarter. I cannot blame them at all for that. To present a new product successfully (in my eyes) on Kickstarter, you have to put your best foot forward. Showcase the product you intend and that you can be 100% proud of. Which is what Sigma Six is doing. I have spoke to Pat more recently which he mentioned that he was working on some improvments that he wanted to iron out before completing the final prototype. Pat also mentioned that they are looking to offer up the Aluminum and Titanium versions of the wallet to their backers. He went on to mentioned pricing being $50.00 for the Aluminum version and $95.00 for the Titanium. I am looking forward to seeing The Aurora Wallet debut on Kickstarter. I hope to see the Kickstarter page up by the end of April or the middle of May

Some of the best things that I love about The Aurora Wallet

• It is a very simplistic design, No o-rings, no spring loaded clips and no elastic bands. Which will protect your initial investment into the wallet without having to worry about replacing broken parts. Its robust design would easily suit me as a part of my every day carry.

• Its simplistic design not only appeals to me but with that simple design comes an industrial look. Which I absolutely love. The Ridge and The Omega Wallets both have a bit of this aesthetic but not nearly like The Aurora.

• All of it is designed and produced in the USA. Not only that it is made and designed in my home state, Ohio. It is fantastic to see new business, new products and innovations come from my home state. I love to support local business as much as I can.

• The price points seem spot on and competitive with other wallets out there of this type. Their goal on Prices would be $70.00 Retail ($50.00 on Kickstarter) for the aluminum version and $125.00 Retail ($95.00 on Kickstarter) for the titanium.

• The Aurora will come with a Lifetime Warranty. It is important to back your product up that is all I have to say.

• You can even open your beer with it!

Some final thoughts

As I stated earlier. I love the concept of the Aurora Wallet. I will not be able to know for a 100% certainty though until I have a chance to handle and use it for a time. I do know that there will be a bit of a learning curve. If the time it took me before the Ridge Wallet review has taught me is that there will be a bit of a learning curve. It took me a while to become familiar with the Ridge. I believe that the Aurora Wallet will be the same way.

The industrial style yet robust design really turns me on to this wallet. The idea of it being built without springs, o-rings, elastic bands etc is very nice. Which could make this the last wallet of its kind that you may need to buy.

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