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Some of our Reviews, Articles and Emails may or may not contain affiliate links. For the sake of honesty, we will disclose in any post whether or not we are using affiliate links.  Some Parent Companies do not offer Affiliate programs.  This does not dictate whether or not we will write a review for or endorse their product.  If we feel that we cannot recommend a product to you we will not include affiliate links to them. (Why would we want to collect commission on something we do not see fit to recommend to our readers?)

We want to be as honest as possible about our use of Affiliate links, banners etc so that we may build and maintain the the trust of our readers (you). These commissions help us to keep the website running so that we can continue to provide great content.

Affiliate programs that we participate in and wish to participate in are (but not limited to) Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,, and Staff

Updated: January 26th, 2017