Top 5 Minimalist Wallet Picks for 2017

Here is my top 5 list of minimalist wallet picks for 2017. This list has taken some time for me to ponder over and I feel I picked an A+ lineup. Lets get right down to it and take a quick peek at some of these brilliant minimal yet functional wallets!

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Elephant N3D Minimalist Wallet
Elephant Wallet N3D

A sleek and aesthetically pleasing minimalist wallet, the Elephant Wallet N3D is an RFID blocking wallet made from durable yet light weight aluminum. Capable of holding up to 9 cards and some cash with its fabric elastic strap.


Machine Era Ti5 Minimalist Wallet
Machine Era Ti5

A minimalist wallet does not mean that you have to skimp on features. Machine Era’s Ti5 not only holds 7 cards and cash, crafted from aerospace grade titanium and has a corrosion proof finish. The Ti5’s thumb slot also acts as a bottle opener when you want to have a cold brew with no bottle openers in sight.


FireTi Omega II Minimalist Wallet
FireTi Omega II

A favorite yet very elusive. FireTi’s Omega II is crafted with Titanium teflon lined plates for strong and smooth performance. This minimalist wallet holds 2-8 cards and some cash. Like the Machine Era Ti5, it can also open a frosty brew for you! (Review Here)


Ridge Wallet Minimalist Wallet
The Ridge Minimalist Wallet

A personal favorite. The Ridge Wallet is a tried and true minimalist wallet. Constructed of your choice of Polycarbonate, Aluminum or Titanium with RFID blocking plates, High endurance elastic bands and your choice of money band or money clip.  It can hold as little as 1 card or as many as 12 without overstretching the elastic. (Review Here)


Fantom Wallet by Ansix Designs

This up and comer is full of features. A pull lever fan design, Titanium money clip RFID protection and even more. Slated to debut in late 2017 this innovative minimalist wallet will make you realize that slim wallets do not have to be a sacrifice in features. (Review Coming Soon!)

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