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Fantom Wallet – Product Spotlight

Slim wallets can have a notorious problem with access. Even with a simplistic design there are still many that can make accessing your cards a very time consuming affair. Slim wallets that give you the ability to fan your cards make all the difference and can make – Store Spotlight

Hey everyone. I just wanted to take some time to announce our official partnership with Huckberry. You may notice around the site that we placed a banner or two so that we can showcase Huckberry and their products.

Cauden Money Clip – First Thoughts

The Cauden Money Clip is the the definition of minimalism without sacrificing a stylish yet functional design. If a hefty bi-fold, tri-fold or even the minimalist/front pocket wallet is not up your alley and you want something with even more simplicity, the Cauden Money Clip may be

The Aurora Wallet – First Thoughts

The Aurora Wallet by Sigma Six Engineering has been something I have been keeping my eye on for the past few weeks now. As some may already know when it comes to wallets, I always opt for something small and convenient Vs anything bulky. When I first

The Ridge Wallet update with Discount Code!

The Ridge Wallet Review has been updated with a coupon code! Hey guys, since The Ridge Wallet Review I did a few months back has been generating a lot of traffic and after speaking with a few people who wanted to try the product for themselves, I have

The quest for a new iPhone case!

The ultimate journey to find a new case is a dusty path that many have traveled before me. Dangers and mystery lay in wait as I sift through the masses of cases on the market. Who will I pick!? Since I recently ordered an upgrade phone. I

AmazonSmile. Support a cause while you shop!

AmazonSmile is a great way for current Amazon shoppers to continue shopping and ordering while supporting their favorite charitable organizations. With AmazonSmile you can choose from either a handful of recommended charities or even pick your own! What a great way to shop. In the past month (I

Steam Link – First Thoughts

Steam Link has been something I have been looking forward to since the original pre-order announcement. Ever since I pre-ordered mine just minutes after it was announced, I waited very patiently for it to come in, read a lot of speculation about the device and even more

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

Dragon Ball Z conjures up very fond memories of my youth.  Coming home after school, turn my TV on to Toonami just to catch the next episode. Even now Dragon Ball Z does still hit me hard with nostalgia and is still by far one of my
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Fantom Wallet – Product Spotlight
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Cauden Money Clip – First Thoughts
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The Aurora Wallet – First Thoughts
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